What to Recycle?

Metal Cardboard / Cartons Paper Plastic Glass

Beer cans, colddrink cans, energy drink, dog food tins, fruit cans, fish cans, jam cans, baked beans.
(Rinse & dry)

Jusice Cartons, Milk Cartons, yoghurt cartons, long life milk, egg cartons, cardboard cartons, pizza boxes, fast food cartons

Office papers, cardboard, magazines, Newspapers, Telephone books, junk mail, envelopes, old documents
(Flatten & fold)

Soft bottles, washing liquid, shopping bags, shampoo bottles, milk sachets, yoghurt cups, margarine tubs, bottle tops, PET bottles & Plastic containers
(rinse & dry)

Wine bottles, beer bottles, soft drink bottles, glass jars (Remove lids), drinking glasses, glass milk bottles, other alcoholic beverages and broken window panes etc.


You can also recycle your old batteries!


Items which are NOT Recyclable:

  • Cling wrap
  • Disposable nappies
  • Chemicals, Paint, toothpaste tubes
  • Containers for motor oil, acid or solvents
  • Organis waste, food scraps, garden waste
  • Clothing or shoes
  • Wet, dirty or contaminated items