Welcome to TWK Recycling

TWK Recycling is located in the industrial area of Grabouw, the "Apple-Capital of the Western Cape" and serves as the sorting and processing plant for collection depot's located in each of the following towns, Villiersdorp, Genadendal, Greyton, Botrivier, Caledon and Riviersonderend.

Our primary objective is to support the TWK Municipality in their endeavours to drastically reduce the huge volumes of waste materials, currently being transported at great cost to the landfill sites. According the National Waste Management Strategy implemented early in 2011, a much greater focus has to be placed on the separation of recyclable and non-recyclable waste materials prior to being 'dumped'.

Our secondary objective is to contribute positively to the economic upliftment in the TWK Community by creating employment or self-employment opportunities using waste management and recycling as a common medium or means; thereby also impacting the environment in a positive and meaningful manner.

Our Vision

Our vision is to actively contribute to and be part of a 'green society' who collectively works together to ensure that all the towns in the TWK Municipal region are eco-friendly, clean and a desired place of abode.

Our Mission

The implementation of an effective and sustainable recycling and waste management plan can only be achieved when all of the respective role players work synergistically together with one common purpose in mind. It is our mission to facilitate the effective co-   llaboration of all these role players, including the municipality, the town managers, the domestic and commercial community, local schools, NPO's NGO's, FET Collages as well as existing and potential formal and informal recycling entrepreneurs.

Our Strategy

We believe that most people do not recycle for one of two reasons, they either do not know how to recycle, or they do not care/could not be bothered. Our point of departure would be addressing the first concern by embarking on a TWK-Regional Consumer Awareness Champaign to educate and teach every consumer how to effectively recycle without too much effort. Once enough people are effectively learning how to recycle we believe the stubborn 'kannie-worrie' stragglers will soon follow suit. Our ultimate goal would be to ensure that effective separating at source takes place in both domestic and the business environment.

Our consumer education plan will include the regular distribution of informative literature to all homes and business. The locale media will also be used to publish regular articles and stories relating to recycling and effective waste management. We would like to work closely with all the schools to create a recycling awareness amongst the youth; this could also assist the schools to generate some extra funds for school activities. Innovative and fun competitions could also add to the building of a positive and sound school moral and values. With a large number of our population working and living on farms, we would need to implement a strategy that also assists them to be part of this awareness campaign.